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  1. No one even shoots in 4K, now companies are marketing 8K capabilities in their cameras.??‍♂️ Overkill much!???‍♂️ Also 120X zoom? Really I'm sure no one with this phone here's gonna apply for a National Geographic Wildlife cameraman position.? Wouldn't honestly give two shits about what "innovation" they are bringing in their new phones each year but I really get pissed cuz this absolutely useless stuff brings up the cost of a device!??

  2. The comparison (probably auto mode) with the Sony Rx100 VII was nice, though that's nothing new. Already the Google Nexus 5x in HDR+ On mode took much better looking wide angle photos than DSLRs. Large cameras often have algorithms that overexpose and often don't have good tone mapping. Furthermore, they often don't use multi frame noise reduction. So, better algorithms are the main reason, though one also shouldn't forget that smartphone camera hardware has improved a lot. For example, the Rx100 VII at 24mm eq. only captures 57% as much light per time as the Xiaomi 11 Ultra main camera due to the f/2.8 lens, so the Ultra even doesn't need to combine images in order to capture more light in extremely low light conditions, so yes, even the hardware(!) is superior regarding the wide angle specs. Nonetheless, large cameras can also have several advantages, for example, AI zoom or AI noise reduction (not to be confused with multi frame noise reduction) inevitably leads to wrong detail as machine learning only guesses, so smartphone cameras must be able to turn off those algorithms.

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