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mahdi aghaee

2:53:16 ……2:54:16 The first lens above the camera frame was once considered the main lens, and once again, pay attention to the shape of the ultraviolet in a live ceremony.🤦🤦

Ярослав Кузин

Thanks for the awful power button on mi notebook pro. >_<


Let's talk about which Xiaomi phone you are using?

Abdulkader Khojema

No one even shoots in 4K, now companies are marketing 8K capabilities in their cameras.🤦🏻‍♂️ Overkill much!?🤷🏻‍♂️ Also 120X zoom? Really I'm sure no one with this phone here's gonna apply for a National Geographic Wildlife cameraman position.😂 Wouldn't honestly give two shits about what "innovation" they are bringing in their new phones each year but I really get pissed cuz this absolutely useless stuff brings up the cost of a device!💲😤

Abdulkader Khojema

IP68 rating, good!👌🏼
Just 5 years late.🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Abdulkader Khojema

Watching these tech presentations from companies like Xiaomi always makes me appreciate Apple Keynotes. We have taken good tech shows for granted.

mr. Wikibitcoin

Hi Xiaomi..!!! can you do phone with full back camera….

Tuan Vu Phan



I will kill myself if Xiaomi does not make the Pro version global

Alexander Lloyd

40:00 Starting
43:28 Mi 11 Pro
58:42 Wireless Charging Stand (80W)
1:02:40 Charging Pad
1:24:30 Router AX9000
1:31:06 Mi 11 Ultra
2:05:01 Mi 11 Lite
2:23:55 Mi Band 6
2:57:08 Mi 11i
3:39:34 Mi Band 6 (details)

Roop Arts

11 lite main camera comes with OIS?

Lucas N82

Try RX100m5 with F1.8-2.8 lens not m7 with F2.8-4.5. LOL.

xyz zyx

xiaomi's 102 mp camera results fails in front of samsung's 12 mp camera result.

Gurinder Singh

very disappointed readmi x 50 tv display.
all mi showroom . tellecalling . exicutive and employees not known x 50 TV Display Panal IPS or VA
no one good knowledge of product . china product only make in india marka (stamxp),

Gil Blax

For this price, Apple makes more sense nowadays. As I have warranty in my country, so, it's hard to spend this money in a device without support.

Obi Wan

Yeaaa still don't compare an almost 1" Sensor to a professional camera 🙂
Also the RX100 is not professional. It is good. But not Professional.

Wan Bakhtiar

Mi 11i for Malaysia market please @Xiaomi


i am mi fans so i will buy mi band 6 but i dont have my money

Tenxor Engine

Good phones:
Mi 11
Mi 11 Ultra
Mi 11 Lite 5G

Bad phones:
Mi 11 Lite
Mi 11 pro
Mi 11i

Tenxor Engine

Sony: (chuckles) im in danger

Tenxor Engine

Apple: why do i hear boss music?

Tenxor Engine

Lets just appreciate that xiaomi did not turn off comments

Doge The Dog

Ain't got time to watch all this
Did they announce a new mi mix phone or not?

kolluri charan raj

im expecting the slimmest smartphones from xiaomi ❤️

Arvin tabisula

Xiaomi Mi 11i (Rebranded) of Redmi K40 Pro + but more expensive.


I noticed there are actually people there.


Yr y English language m qu ni bolta h ..

2 Morenos Games Mobile e Mais .



Nyc u guys copied airpower 👏

kettavan vmk

Plz add on subtitles 🙏 ,

Paulo Henrique

A lot of Credit on this DxoMark 143 points

Frankelys Hdez

Xiaomi is doing everything better, i love xiaomi they know what to do. Keep killing the competition apple and samsung.

william chong

Even expensive is still worth than some smartphone…..

Nigeriana Media

Wow! From today, I'm your number 1 fan! I can't wait to switch to this device once it's available in my region. Rest in peace ✌samsung!

ᎠђสηนβᏂคΐ ᭄

Plz launch Xiaomi 11X aka Redmi K40 under 23-24k in INDIA….

GoN Za

Argentina presente en el evento de XIAOMI. 3:31:52


The comparison (probably auto mode) with the Sony Rx100 VII was nice, though that's nothing new. Already the Google Nexus 5x in HDR+ On mode took much better looking wide angle photos than DSLRs. Large cameras often have algorithms that overexpose and often don't have good tone mapping. Furthermore, they often don't use multi frame noise reduction. So, better algorithms are the main reason, though one also shouldn't forget that smartphone camera hardware has improved a lot. For example, the Rx100 VII at 24mm eq. only captures 57% as much light per time as the Xiaomi 11 Ultra main camera due to the f/2.8 lens, so the Ultra even doesn't need to combine images in order to capture more light in extremely low light conditions, so yes, even the hardware(!) is superior regarding the wide angle specs. Nonetheless, large cameras can also have several advantages, for example, AI zoom or AI noise reduction (not to be confused with multi frame noise reduction) inevitably leads to wrong detail as machine learning only guesses, so smartphone cameras must be able to turn off those algorithms.

Dharam Basi

Should've gone for Dolby Vision rather than HDR10+, it could've complimented the Dolby Atmos but either way HDR10+ is great too.

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