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Pens I use in my Stalogy:
Pen Chalet —

Office tour

2021 Stalogy Videos:
Stalogy 2021 Set-Up Video —
B6 flip sep-dec
Jan 2021 Flip:
Feb 2021 Stalogy Weeks Video:

Shops mentioned or products used:
I’m wearing a Whoop Fitness Band —
Tombow 722 Brush Marker/Highlighter:
Un-du Sticker Removal:
Uni Pin Oil Based Pen to write on transparent stickies:
The Style Planner:
Poi & Hun:
The Planner Press ($5 off):
Ashyleigh Designs:
Virgo & Paper:

Other favs:
Succulent Studios – monthly sub box: $5 off a Succulent Studios sub box! —
Peloton — — USE Code MU3EFW to save $100 on your bike + accessories
Teami Blend Teas ( SMPLANS15 for 15% off (minimum $29) + SMPLANS20 for 20% off (minimum $40)
M. Gemi Shoes:
Sudio Headphones: — use SMPLANS15 for 15% of

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  1. Hi, I absolutely love your videos, your setups, your notebooks, all of it. I have a question about the kraft cover notebook that you said is from Paper Penguin Co., that you mention at 2:27 on this video. Would you be able to tell me which whether that is 52gsm or 68 gsm Tomoe River paper, and also whether the grid is the same 5mm size as in the Stalogy? Thank you!

  2. I just ordered a B6 stalogy because of you and Daksina! I do currently have an A6 but I think I’d prefer a B6 so I’m going to use up my A6 as much as I can. Just got done setting it up for the next week actually. I haven’t used very many stickers and I have tons and I miss using them so I’ll get to use them and my washi in these, especially B6!

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