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Honor Band 6 vs Honor Watch ES Comparison & Review | Revolutionary Fitness Band or Hybrid Smartwatch

Best Price on AliExpress
Honor Band 6: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_98ZEbP
Watch ES: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dYW8syn

Best Price on Amazon
Honor Band 6: https://amzn.to/349tYcS
Watch ES: https://amzn.to/3mdNKdr

Time Stamps:
00:54 Recap of the Honor Watch ES Specs
01:18 Recap of the Honor Band 6 Specs
01:56 Design Comparison of Honor Watch ES vs Honor Band 6
02:57 Display Comparison of Honor Watch ES vs Honor Band 6
04:42 Sensor Comparison
04:58 Features and Functions Comparison
04:59 Sport and Activities
06:02 Sleep Tracking
06:24 Stress Monitor
06:35 SpO2 Monitor
07:15 How to Choose Between Honor Watch ES and Honor Band 6?

Connected GPS
95 Sport modes vs 10 sport modes
Auto detection of 4 sports
AMOLED displays
326 vs 283 ppi
Goal based activities
Receiving Calls
Quick Replies
3 Sleep Stages: Deep, Light and REM Sleep
TruSleep & TruRelax
Breathing App
SpO2 Monitor aka Blood Oxygen Saturation Oximeter
Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
Downloadable faces
iOs and Android compatible

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers! I am an affiliate on AliExpress and Amazon. If a purchase is made after clicking the link, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to the buyer. Thank you all for watching!

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Matthew Tilley

Hi, great video, really helpful! Quick bit of advice , are the ones being sold on aliexpress genuine? Are there fakes ones of the honor band 6? How would one know if it was a fake one? Thanks

P. R.

Great Video!!
My HB6 cannot use the GPS from my smartphone during a Outdoor run. Do you have an idea whats the problem?

Michael Arulanantham

Is NFC supported? From any country, working on the UK and where can I buy one?

Fernando Averso

Por favor me dirias cual es mejor entre amazfit bip u y honor band 6 y porque? Muchas gracias.

Arvind Thakur

Is it available in Qatar?
From where I can buy honor band 6?
Please reply me

Rajif Afif

It would be better if the honor band 6 add camera shutter function

Shaurya Suvarna

can you teach us to change the wall paper

Paco Elperas

Sooo good video, you help me to decide which one is better for me. Perfect comparison, thanks a lot!


Qual dos dois você prefere ?


Nice video.. answered all my questions.

himanshu Sharma

Can I get honor watch ES watch faces in honor band 6


plzz giveaway this watch ?

William Friconneau

Does any of the two have palm to screen off ?

Tejas Parmar

Namaste sir. Very good information


Why isn't this channel 1 mil?

Fernando Rodriguez

Will the Honor Band Chinese version work perfectly in the US in english?

draco. ed

Awesome and needed video, thank you 🙂 Plus such beautiful background!!


Hi mate. How much does honor band 6 cost. 30 or 40 pounds. I'm baffled pls let me know. Thnx for thr video

Alexander Bushati

Thanks to your videos I'm going to buy HB6 through Aliexpress! You are definitely one of the best on YouTube ??


I am highly waiting for an accuracy test.
Clear cut review
Great video

Paweł M

Hi, I'm this close from getting band 6, but I have one crucial question – is there a way to set up an interval workout on it, or, alternatively, somehow get a vibrating notification every one minute? Or, for example, 40 sec work + 60 sec break? Thanks!

José Micael

Should i get the NFC version or Standard? Thanks!!

Guy Dviri

waiting for the update that allow to remove the alipay and music player form honor band 6..

Eklavya Chandel

I have honor band 5 ..so should i upgrade to honor band 6 ?

Nishant Rao

Love your background i feels very peaceful ❤
Is there any difference between them in terms of watch faces ?
Plz always consider watch face section in difference vedios ?

goo gle

Any battery life differences? Great review and very clear speech.

Manish Kumar

Best video on YouTube so far regarding Honor band 6….

Prudhvi Kanakala

Much needed comparison & review for me and I just knew that only you'll do it first.

Thanks a lot.

I'm using honor band 5, and it lags and skips few frames when I open notifications. I believe, honor band 6 will do the same. Is it the same on watch es?

aryan thakur

I love how Londoners speak. So clear and without skipping words unlike New Yorkers

Manjunath Ganapathi

I like Honor band 6 with respect to price tag and features it offers as well as hardware near perfection. Also the way you explain the details . Background is just awesome .

Benjamin Levy

I think the price difference is just too much for animated widgets, a slightly bigger screen, always on display and auto brightness. It sure sounds like a lot but for me those are incremental upgrades if you have the honor band 6.
Great video btw, great coverage and critic analysis ? plus nice outdoor background.

Keep it up Wes ?

Eklavya Chandel

Should i upgrade from to honor band 5 to honor band 6 ? Or wait for mi band 6….

Chebrolu Abhiram

What about Always On Display? Is it present on the Honor Band 6


does mi band 5 has the sleep tracking widget like honor band 6


Hello! Great comparison, but I have a request: could you show small smart devices like Honor MW2 42mm, Honor Band and others on a woman's hand? These devices are more suitable for girls or teenagers, and it is not always possible to try on in a store. Thanks)

Abhinav.K.R [8]

°It was nice video dude, you have covered almost all contents ?
° But now also nothing mentioned about the accuracy of sensors
°And is waiting for a comparison of this with the mi band 5 or amazfit bip U

Chetan Tidke

When will it launch global???

Chetan Tidke

Great work men …nice review n,.btw great background.

Song Covers

Thanks for the review and good understandable English) It is so strange to my mind, that Huawei decided to present two almost 99% identical devices within three months, but with the price of HB6 twice reduced in comparison to ES. Unfair in some way)) I ordered ES for my wife for only 46 USD (promo price) but have not taken it yet. Just wondering if it is a good idea when there is HB6 for 28-30 USD on Ali…

Kim Yip

Excellent comparison video, truly great! Is the Honor Band 6 working well, connection good on iPhone? Any negatives? Thinking of purchasing the non NFC Chinese version from AliExpress, can you confirm that you can select English while setup? Thanks, keep up the excellent reviews,

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