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Honor Band 6 Review – This Is A Fitness Tracker Revolution | 1.47″ AMOLED display on a TRACKER!?!

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Time Stamps:
03:14 Unboxing of Honor Band 6
03:44 Screen Design
04:25 HONOR Inscription
04:37 Straps on the Honor Band 6
05:26 Display of the Honor Band 6
06:25 Functions and Features

Honor has introduced a new fitness tracker to the market! Like completely new! And it’s not the tracker that we are used to! It’ a revolution!
Forget the usual tiny screens, forget the limited functionalities and boring pellet like designs!
Meet the All New Honor Band 6!

No more squinting at the screen to make out whether that’s a number or a letter… No need to stop on a run to check your heart rate… the numbers and letters here are BIG. Why is that? Because the screen is Very big!

And now to the design. Lets call out the most obvious factors and dig deeper. Finally we see a large surface area for the tracker face that’s not simply black plastic but a full size screen stretching across the top. You’ll be happy to know there’s a 2,5D gorilla glass here, also an anti-fingerprint coating aka oleophobic coating. And I think it works rather well, I’m not leaving as many fingerprints on this screen.

1.47″ AMOLED Display
4 Auto Recognized Activities/Sports
10 Sport Modes
Stress Tracking
SpO2 aka Blood Oxygen Saturation
Breathing App
Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers! I am an affiliate on AliExpress and Amazon. If a purchase is made after clicking the link, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to the buyer. Thank you all for watching!

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Lochana Menikarachchi

Did you actually test auto detection of exercises?? I did a very brief test with treadmill and elliptical, it didn't detect either. I had auto detection enabled. ??? Thanks.

Wahab Dilawar

Brilliant video. Please review the amazfit T-Rex.
Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Marcel Wendl

Hey I bought it this smart band!!!

Dr. Swords Yt

Loving the nature behind you while reviewing gadget ?

Eric Paskah

Honor band 6 have always on display?


Do such smart bands have speakers? so I can wake up when it rings?

La Cinema

Excellent size and form. But i think Honor should add built-in GPS and strava support, sell it for under 100 bucks.

sooriya mathy

This channel is underrated thanks for the good review! Hoping to launch in January in india.


Are the downloadable watch faces available on iOS? I have the Huawei Band 4 Pro, and I wasn't able to get extra face watches (

glaiza inal

Does it have a camera shutter?

Sof GearZ

Does it have music control?

Des Barry

Nice job with your reviews. The new Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite has taken my fancy. The Honor Band 6 might have Xiaomi worried. Is the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite going to be put to the test anytime soon.

Shaurya Suvarna

love your accent ca you do tips and tricks honour band 6

im good

can we use it even without smart phone? like i wont be able to bring my smartphone to school ?

Kim Chan

Can you see call and text notifications when paired with Samsung phone? Can you answer calls? Great review video btw!!

Sachin Paul

Great video mate.. Subscribed..✌?

romualdo Boyadjian

I jist got it, the only thing that i dont like from it is the watch faces it just limitrd and not that good.

t tabibi

would language get back to chinese if u get disconnected of your phone?

jorge salazar

Friend, do you know if the firmware update to more languages ​​has already arrived?


You just earned a new subscriber. Nice quality video mate.


You made a great video, THX


I took honor band 6 because xioami band 5 looks boring

Ben Nimrod Klinovsky

Does it have an always on display?


Can we use custom watchfaces? Like, use our own photos. Like, how mi band 4/5 have.

Aparna Dixit

I am from india and in india it is expected to be release in last December and I am surely buying it

Alexander Bushati

Hello sir, first of all thanks for everything. If I buy chinese version can I change the language of it in english through the app! Thanks a lot for the amazing work ??

Paweł M

Hello! How would you compare the strap to the huawei watch fit's strap in terms of comfort (is it as soft)? Is it slimmer or the same width?


Hello, can you possibly put the link to where you bought the band? I am trying to buy the band 6 but don't know where to buy it from. Thanks!

Sefoo Sefooo

Honor band 6 vs amazfit band 5 ? which one is better?…


Does it offer 24hour tracking of spo2 (oxygen) levels? I know it does 24 hour heart but I need to have it track oxygen saturation while sleeping. Thanks

Wan Afiq

Does it have camera remote control?

Alex Warrior

hi! may i know does it compatible with iphone ?


compare it with the honor watch es

Black Shadow

Does it have always on display?


i am definitely waiting for this.


Hey, I love the video! Do you know when the watch will release in US and Canada

Nitin Gupta

How come you have such a low subscriber count? Awesome transition and audio and video quality! Also u r very calm.

Nishant Rao

Ya loved this honor band ?
You should make its comparison
It would be much better if they gave custom watch face feature ❤

Jet Leonheart

What about nfc? Can you use Google pay?

Suneyana Sharma

Hi does it support custom wallpaper like can we set our own photograph in the screen on band ..???

Shiny things

Great review! Love the display – nice and bright, and the bezel is tiny ? Will you do an overview of the phone app for this tracker in the upcoming reviews as well? Thanks and keep up the great content!? ?

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