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Lying leg raises have been called out for causing lower back issues, but the truth is that only happens due to incorrect form. Leg raises are actually a GREAT core exercise and these 2 simple form cues are all you need to do them safely. In an nutshell, keep your lower back flat on the floor during while raising your legs to neutralize the pelvis and protect the lower back. Also, engage your abs with spinal flexion (crunch up to raise the shoulder blades). That’s it! I hope this quick tip helps you out. It was my first attempt at making #shorts so let me know how you like it 🙂

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How do I flex my glutes? While doing leg raises I mean, because it feels very unnatural to try and keep them flexed (or squeezed) during the entire movement?

Joe Troutt

I was watching this incredibly hot blonde play the violin, then all of a sudden this numbskull appears out of nowhere talking about leg raises.


Who the fk injures their back while doing leg raises? Probably the same people that suffocate from a condom on their head.

MJ Ric

Hey Ryan… How do I stop binge eating?

MJ Ric

Hey Ryan… How do I stop binge eating?

Ahmed Jabai

Just stopping by your quick tip video to leave a quick video comment that I purchased the b bars thanks to your great review…that is all, carry on 🤙

Saad Khan

Brother you look like Johnny sins 😁😁

Trevor Morris

Way to go Ryan. As Mazlum stated precise and to the point. This video was really helpful and productive for me….Thanks so much…love ya work 🤗🤙🙏

Henrique Hansen

Love this short format, I can see it becoming a series of quick tips

andrea rumpel

I think I did something to my hip flexers doing these the other day. I have done them for years in pilates but the other day I really felt it in my front hip.


Best 1 minute clip i watched in years.

Matthew Davis

Any tips on activating your transverse abdominis? It seems like I have very little to no mind-muscle connection with it: when I do leg raises (lying or hanging) my stomach, which normally is super flat, bulges out around the navel, and I can't suck it in, especially at the top of the movement. I can suck my stomach in standing up, but once I'm using my abs (or I feel like I am) I can't do it. Ideas? Love the channel, by the way. New subscriber.

Brian Hermelijn

Short and precise information.

Shriyash Mechquest

this is exactly what i need thankyou so much 👐


Thanks for actually explaining how to keep your back flat on the floor! Super useful for some new to trying to get fit.

Arwa B

Waw that was cool! Thank u.. Short and sweet..

R. Mark Rosquist

Quick question, do the glutes need to remain flexed during the exercise or just when the legs are near the floor?

Susan Applegate

There is so much I like about your videos – really help me and I love working hard. I do have a tailbone that protrudes so a lot of this kind of work is very painful at that point despite my strong core. In your opinion would it help or not to have a deep cushion under that point. It's mechanics and how this body is built more than effort/strength at this point. Very frustrating.


Short, simple and straight to the point, thanks dude.

Mike Skylark

Good point. Love how your channel is growing, bro! 🙂

Tiago Fonseca

I've been struggling with this, thank you!

Amelia Carter

I tried that and it’s amazing how sucking in ur belly is like a brace and raising my head assists with pushing the low back down. Awesome! Thank you! Short sweet and to the point!

Mavi Yesil

That seems much more logical I always thought how do they get their backs nice to to the ground. Now I know why thanks


Two cues? Let me count. 1. Suck it in 2. Active glutes 3. Lift shoulder blades?

Shripad Lale

Thanks for this safety critical information!

Pai Mei

Perfect. I do them in my mattress and the lower back "feels" supported while I'm doing them. Is this a good or bad idea?

Mazlum Madak

This is great ! Short and precise information about a Topic. More from this type 😁🤙🏽

Chivalrous Knight

Thanks I'll give this a shot! Leg raises have always killed my lower back, maybe this will help!

Damian Lewd

WP works out on a white rug tho🤔

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