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Unboxing and hands-on review with Xiaomi’s Imilab KW66 budget smartwatch, which promises to deliver one of the best battery life performances of any watch as we hit 2021. However, that’s with very basic use – if you actually use the fitness tracking features etc, expect closer to 2 weeks. All the same, a fortnight of smartwatch action per charge is still one of the greatest returns you’ll find outside of the Huawei Watch GT 2 series. It’s certainly better than the TicWatch, Amazfit and Realme S.

Here’s a link to check out the watch in more detail: www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001344559179.html

That said, the Xiaomi Imilab KW66 is limited on the features front. I couldn’t get the notifications to work, while the fitness/exercise trackers are also basic vs many rivals. This is definitely a smartwatch for casual users, who prioritise battery life and design over functionality.

Check out my reviews of the best smart watches to hit the UK in 2020 and stay tuned for plenty more wearables coverage in 2021. What do you think of Xiaomi’s budget smartwatch? Let me know your thoughts below and check out my other affordable watch reviews.

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Matthias Rambally

Were you ever able to get notifications ?


How about vs Xiaomi Band 5? I need for sleep monitor

Ziaur Rahman

Can i check speed of walking in workout?


any budget watch with calls and answering function?

M4gic Mik3

is this wireless pay supported?

Ragna B

why does xiaomi do that? 2 apps weren't enough? mi fit and zepp?

even one is enough.


I'm done with Fitbit, can't see how much battery juice left, the charging cable is crap. I'm done with that.


Do the Huawei Watch Fit! Please

Saady Maddy

Its actually called: I-Mi-Lab not emelab. ?

affia peace

Can you make and receive calls with it

Etienne Sharp

Worth noting that if you buy it in the UK from Amazon, you don't get the green strap and the black strap, you only get the black one.

Sanjay Doijode

How can i get this in india???
Cause aliexpress is banned here. 🙁

Nick Lovgren

You don't know how tall you are?

Andrius Romaneckas

Can you connect the watch with headphones? And will it still work if I leave my phone at home?

Kashif Qadri

is this watch have any screen protection?

BK 201

Only Sonys audiodivision could improve upon that name.

Poltergeist Clown

Ahhh agora entendi ,agora eu saquei ,agora todas peças se encaixaram ,agora estou entendendo tudo agora .?


Does it work without a smartphone?


man I was looking to see whether you shared Nokia 5.4 review when I saw this guy is stealing your thumbnails for his video. maybe worth reporting this schmuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5JeKN_2lCg&t=1s&ab_channel=NaveenPehal

Joseph Hill

I'm glad this man makes YouTube videos ???

Ed den Hertog

Edward wong hou pepelu trevinski the fourth, love that that watch background. #Cowboy Bebop

rene hoek

Can you says what is the best midranger phone?? I have a samsung 8 + now. Greatze René from Holland

Oleksandr Prokhorchuk

I must admit that I'm a huge fan of chinese electronics, especially Xiaomi and Huawei. However, taking into account all that damage of Chinese virus around the world, I'm convinced that we should stop buying anything from the country that created and spreaded the Coronavirus around the World. Personally, recently I've bought the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G made in Korea (not Vietnam) and the Sony's WM4s made in Malaysia. So, people if you have any dignity left you should stop buying products MADE IN CHINA

Oleksandr Prokhorchuk

It looks like the Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active

Andy Dawson

Why doesnt it use Mi Fit ?

Yandelthecool 1

I need help picking a phone that will give me the highest quality to watch anime between 200 to 300$

Nur Nabi Ratul

Please!!!! Help me
I couldn’t connect it with my Samsung Note 10+

Ruddy Games

pretty awesome value, seeing it for £35 in UK, considering the mi band 5 sells for roughly 25-30 thats kind of a steal.

Francesco Varrato

Seems like a rip-off of the Amazfit. BTW, I have the Amazfit GTS and for the price it's fantastic. Now there's the GTS 2 and I'd really suggest it. BTW, my GTS lasts one week with all sensors activated, which is already quite good.


Considering its Christmas I think the deer was quite on point. Unless you filmed this in summer, you sneaky lark.


Thanks for the video and advice – Decided to go with the Honor Gs pro instead

Greg Martyn

Total GUFF ?.. Meaning the watch not the video lol.. Just love Tech Spurt!!

GhostHD El

I am waiting for Rolex to make a smart watch.

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